Hi guys. My name is Pavel Alimov. I am 59 guy. And I am going to become 60 guy this year. And I want to tell you something that you probably already know. I don’t quite like what I see in the mirror. Do you? How many of you guys really like what you see each time in the mirror if you are 50+? I can only guess there are more than 50% of all the people of 50+ hate what they see in the mirror. Maybe even more than 90%. But you know what? It doesn’t matter for me. What really matters for me is how to change it. I think you’ve been thinking about it too…lol

This blog is not going to be completely filled with all that weight lose BS to make some money (without warning you previously…lol) if some of you guys decides to buy something from this website. This blog is mine. It matters. It means I am going to start fighting my weight by myself. And I am going to share what I do because it might help some of you. That’s the idea. And even if it doesn’t help anyone I would be happy. Because it requires a lot of discipline to keep your blog or website up to date. And the discipline is the most important ingredient I need to obtain to cook my own results.

So here is what I’m doing already and what I am going to do with my body to rehabilitate myself. When this cover self lockdown launched my wife and me created a daily schedule what to do to avoid gaining even more weight. And it includes daily walking around our place area for 3 or 4 km after having breakfast and 2 daily exercises times at home. Those exercises include usual set of physical drill with push-ups and it takes about 15-20 minutes before lunch and supper. In other words, we have created having immediate food reward for ourselves after each hard training.

And this approach was going to become something I would be proud of very much if it brings to weight loss. But it doesn’t. It initiated some kind of weight moving up and down but I can’t say I see a stable reduction. I started understanding it was not enough to return a normal weight just doing what we did. I needed to find something additional and effective. Something that may be added to existing exercises to start achieving the real results. And I think I’ve found something.

I noticed that the famous actor Jean-Claude Van Damme started doing live sessions on Facebook. I’ve been his real fan all my life and in addition, he is the same age as me so I started watching his videos. He’s been doing exercises in front of a camera in his live FB videos and it hooked my attention. I found his youtube channel where one of his playlists is called JCVD™️ – Train with Van Damme. This playlist is organised very well and is divided into few groups of the exercises. And I decided it was exactly what I was looking for! I trusted Jean-Claude and I’d be more than happy to follow his trainings. At the same time I know how hard is following something long enough especially if it’s about doing hard job each and every day. That’s why I decided to start this blog to burn all the bridges as it is supposed to share news regularly. I am 182 cm (71.65 in) tall and I weigh 120 kilos (about 265 lbs) now in 2020 May. And I am looking for the way to reduce my weight by my 60th birthday significantly. Are you interested? Bookmark this page or subscribe on my list to be aware whether I win or not. And wish me luck! Thank you in advance!

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